We are a coalition of like minded individuals and organizations who have a common goal to end gun violence, promote safe gun storage, and maintain safe neighborhoods.

Guns to Gardens National Buyback cooperative engages gun violence prevention by adapting the buyback model to use disabled gun parts for community healing and further engagement through the making of garden tools, art, jewelry, and other items that help us imagine and act into life giving neighborhoods.

Each buyback may operate a little differently based on their context and recent buyback practices. In addition to helping remove unwanted firearms, the Guns to Gardens Network connects to local artists and organizations that turn the disabled gun parts into items used to promote safe neighborhoods and nonviolent options for conflict resolution. Sometimes the community is invited to be a part of the tool, art, and jewelry making process. This has been an especially helpful option of healing for people who have been directly affected by gun violence, taking something that has harmed them, and turning it into something that will help heal them and their community.